Working in Thailand

Many people dream of living in Thailand and having an adventure of a life time. Life in Thailand is slow and relaxed, no two days are the same and you are surrounded with sun and the timeless, rich, Thai culture. The experience of working and travelling at the same time in Thailand is an amazing experience. If this adventure is something that interests you, Teach and Explore can tailor a package that suits your needs.

Teach and Explore gives you the opportunity to apply for a full time English teaching job in Thailand. Teaching English in Thailand allows you to immerse yourself in the wonderful culture and discover all of the mystical and magical places Thailand has to offer.

All of our teaching positions provide you with a chance to participate in cultural exchange by immersing yourself in the Thai way of life, gaining teaching experience by teaching English. You will also have weekends and vacations during which you can travel and see even more of this wonderful country. In fact many of our previous recruits ended up staying for more that they had planned having been captivated by this wonderful country.

What can you expect living and working in Thailand?

Thailand has always been a destination for backpackers and transients alike. Living there is always new and different with life moving at a slow pace but always evolving. The schools that we work with in Thailand are based in various parts of the country. All of these schools are held in high regard by our previous recruits. Thai students are always very eager to learn and they enjoy lessons. Flexibility is always helpful when working in any international school and Thailand is no different. The salaries in Thailand vary. In Bangkok for instance teachers are paid more, but while you may be paid slightly less outside of Bangkok, it can be easier to save money. The wages range from 30,000 Baht to 50,000 Baht. Some schools provide accommodation, annual flights, health insurance and an end of contract bonus. Not all schools include accommodation.

What can I wear to school?

All teachers should dress professionally when coming to work. Jeans, shorts and flipflops are not permitted at work.

Money in Thailand

Currency – Bah. Click here for a currency converter.

How often do you get paid?

You get paid monthly.

How do I get a Bank Account?

Getting a bank account in Thailand is very straight forward. Most schools set up bank accounts for you which makes the process even easier! If not you must go to the bank with your visa, job contract and passport. It is a straight forward process.

How do I save money?

Most Ex-Pats come to save some money and travel. When saving money it is very easy to send money home to your bank account.

How much money will I need to come over to the Thailand?

Your flights over to Thailand will already be covered so you do not need to worry about this expense. As with any job you will need to work for a month before you get paid. We would recommend to come with between $1000 and $2000. This will help you set up your accommodation and also allow you to live comfortably while you wait for your first month’s wages to come through.

How much can I save?

This depends on what you like to do with your disposable income but in general people save almost 30% – 50% of their monthly income. If you REALLY like shopping and socializing this may be a little less!!

Getting around Thailand

Thailand is easy to travel through. Because of the high volume of tourists that come to Thailand their internal transport system is quite good. In Bangkok you can easily navigate your way through the city by using the trains, buses and water taxis. All of these modes of transport are inexpensive. To travel outside of Bangkok is also easy as you can catch a night train or a night bus again both of these modes are inexpensive as are internal flights. When travelling to work it can range from 5 mins to 40 minutes depending on where you want to live.

Safety in Thailand

Do single women travel to the Thailand?

Yes they do. Thailand is a safe country which loves the influx of Ex Pats and tourists. As with any country that you might visit you must respect the local traditions and culture, it is always safest to travel with groups of people.

Socializing in Thailand

What is the social life like in Thailand?

Thailand is a buzzing country with new people coming and going every day. This is a breath of fresh air to the people who live there. Allowing them to meet and become friendly with new interesting people all the time. There is a large ex pat community in Thailand and most people socialize with their work colleagues and people that they have met through the societies and clubs that they joined.

Where can I socialize?

Anywhere, from the coffee shops to restaurant to bars to nightclubs. The social scene in Thailand is vibrant and carefree allowing you to meet some of the most interesting people that you a likely to meet.

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