Working in Kuwait

Kuwait offers teachers a unique experience of teaching in the Middle East, it is a small country with huge incentives. Educators can experience a quiet peaceful life in this picturesque country on the Arabian Gulf. Kuwait is a city which is surrounded by some amazing archaeological sites. Teachers who are interested in a position in Kuwait should be flexible, open minded and have a good understanding of Arabic customs. It gives teachers a wonderful opportunity to move up the managerial ladder and gain invaluable leadership skills.

Elementary, Middle and High School positions are available to teachers looking to teach in Kuwait. All packages provide housing, medical insurance and a tax free salary.

What can you expect living and working in Kuwait?

Employment packages in Kuwait provide a very competitive tax free salary, furnished housing, annual flights, medical insurance and an end of contract bonus. Housing is typically single and is often larger than that of other countries in the Middle East. Salaries range from $2000 – $4000 per month.

Money in Kuwait

How often do you get paid?

You get paid monthly.

How do I get a Bank Account?

Getting a bank account in Kuwait is also very easy. Most schools set up bank accounts for you which makes the process even easier!

How do I save money?

Most Ex-Pats come to save money and travel. When saving money it is very easy to send money home to your bank account and you can also set up tax free saving plans in Kuwait.

How much money will I need to come over to the Kuwait?

Your flights over to the Kuwait will already be covered so you do not need to worry about this expense. As with any job you will need to work for a month before you get paid. We would recommend to come with between $1000 and $2500.

How much can I save?

This depends on what you like to do with your disposable income but in general people save almost 60% – 70% of their monthly income.

Getting around Kuwait

Kuwait is very easy to navigate through. The standard of roads in Kuwait are quite good and are improving all of the time, however care must be taken when driving. Most teachers in Kuwait either rent or buy cars. Both are inexpensive. Loans are readily available and sometimes are organised by the schools. Petrol is cheaper than water in the most Middle Eastern countries, so this will not be a big expense. Expect travelling times anywhere from 5 minutes to 40 minutes commute to work.

Women in Kuwait

Do single women travel to Kuwait?

Yes they do. Kuwait is a safe country. As with any country you must respect the local traditions and culture, one difference is that men outnumber women 2:1

Do women have to cover up?

When this question is asked most people think that you must wear head scarf and abayas, this is not the case. You do as with any culture and religion have to be sensitive to their culture and practices. But women wear the same types of clothes that most western countries do. Obviously walking around the mall in a bikini might be a step too far!

What can I wear to school?

All teachers should dress professionally when coming to work. Jeans, shorts and flipflops are not permitted at work.

Socializing in Kuwait

Is there alcohol in Kuwait?

No alcohol is permitted in the Kuwait. There are many societies and clubs in Kuwait. It is a melting pots of Irish, British, American and Canadian teachers.


Kuwait is hot and humid. From June – August, Kuwait experiences temperatures well into the late 40s, with the rest of the year being quite pleasant and much more bearable. As Kuwait is a small country the temperature does not vary very much from region to region.
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