Working in Abu Dhabi

Every year thousands of people travel to work and live in Abu Dhabi. It is a haven for Ex- Pats as it offers a generous tax free salary, free accommodation, medical insurance and of course it is a hub for people to go travelling in their many school holidays. People come to live in Abu Dhabi and soon acclimatize to its laid back, care free environment where people re lucky enough to enjoy a large disposable income to socialise at the weekends or travel on their school holidays.

What can you expect living and working in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the UAE and is fast becoming a tourist destination. As we have already said all schools offer very competitive tax free salaries ranging from 9000 dirham up to 20,000 dirham a month depending on your qualifications and experience. These schools all offer state of the art furnished accommodation, annual air flights, health insurance and end of contract bonus (Usually one month salary for every year of service you may have worked.). Utilities may or may not be part of the package but utilities in the Middle East in general is very inexpensive.

money in the uae

Currency – Dirham. Click here for a currency converter.

How often do you get paid?

You get paid monthly.

How do I get a Bank Account?

Getting a bank account in Abu Dhabi is also very easy. Most schools set up bank accounts for you which makes the process even easier!

How do I save money?

Most Ex-Pats come to save money and travel. When saving money it is very easy to send money home to your bank account and you can also set up tax free saving plans in the UAE. How much money will I need to come over to the UAE? Your flights over to the UAE will already be covered so you do not need to worry about this expense. As with any job you will need to work for a month before you get paid. We would recommend to come with between $1000 and $2500.

How much can I save?

This depends on what you like to do with your disposable income but in general people save almost 60% – 70% of their monthly income. If you REALLY like shopping and socialising this may be a little less!!

getting around abu dhabi

Abu Dhabi is very easy to navigate through. All the roads systems in the UAE are world class. Most teachers in Abu Dhabi either rent or buy cars. Both are inexpensive. Petrol is cheaper than water in the UAE so this would not be a big expense. Expect travelling times anywhere from 5 minutes to 40 minutes commute to work.

women in the uae

Do single women travel to the UAE?

Yes they do. The UAE is one of the safest countries in the world. As with any place you must respect the local traditions and culture, it is always safest to travel with groups of people. Hear from some of our teachers.

Do women have to cover up?

When this question is asked most people think that you must wear head scarf and abayas, this is not the case. You can wear the same clothes to the mall as you would in the United States or Ireland.

What can I wear to school?

All teachers should dress professionally when coming to work. Jeans, shorts and flipflops are not permitted at work.

Socialising in the UAE

Is there alcohol in the UAE?

Yes alcohol is permitted in the UAE. This can be bought at off licenses as long as you have an alcohol license. Most people socialise in the many bars and night clubs in the UAE.

Where can I socialise?

Most hotels have at least 2 bars in them and there are at least 50 hotels in Abu Dhabi. SO you will not be short of places to party.

What are ladies nights?

Ladies nights are exclusive nights for women that provide ladies with free entry and free drinks for the night. Sorry guys there is no such thing as a man’s night just yet!

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