Why Teach and Explore?

Teaching in another country is an amazing journey, with many exciting new experiences. New culture, new people, new friends, new work environment and a world of new travel opportunities. While all of these things are great, this adventure still requires some consideration and preparation. Teach and Explores dedicated team work closely with candidates to ensure that they secure a teaching position that matches their ambitions, qualifications, experiences and interests. We offer varying teaching jobs depending on your qualifications. Teach & Explore had a dedicated team of recruiters that have experience in teaching and living internationally, they can give you first hand advice and explain to you what it is like to teach and live internationally. (It’s amazing!)

No Stone Unturned...

Should you chose to work closely with Teach and Explore you will receive professional, friendly and prompt support from the moment that you apply. All suitable candidates will be led through the application process and constant support will be given by the Teach and Explore team. Teach and Explore have hired recruiters who have gone through the exciting journey of teaching in another country, all of these recruiters can relate to the feelings that you will be experiencing. They are here to help YOU!! You, the teacher, are our number one priority.

You will be provided with information about the small things people do not even think about before moving to an new country, like sim cards, removal companies, car rental, how to get a driving license for that country etc…. Teach and Explore make sure that there is no stone unturned when relocating you to your new job and new home. Making the transition a carefree as possible.

Take Your Career on an Adventure