When you Arrive

Moving to a new city, let alone a new country can be daunting. So here is some information for you when you land in your new country. At this stage I am sure you have done all the research on the basic information and you can also check up on our individual country guides for when you arrive. If you have not received one please contact us and we will more than happily send it on. It is good to know and take down the information of who you are meeting and where before you set off and ensure you have a contact to ring upon arrival.


Upon landing you will be met by a representative of your new school who will take you to your new accommodation or hotel. They will show you all the basic introductions and the nearest essential spots. They will also give you an itinerary of that week’s plans which should entail visa processing and medicals. Remember as we said before, keep hold of all your documents and scan them so you have digital copies on memory sticks, hard drives or an online drop box.


It is important to know that the weekend in the country you are going to. In most Muslim countries this may be a Friday and Saturday. Friday is the Islamic Holy Day and can be much like a western Sunday.


Make sure you have clothes for the climate of your destination. There is no point in bringing winter jackets to Thailand!
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