At Teach & Explore we aim to provide teachers with full transparency. It is important that you hear from other teachers who have traveled to teach internationally. Hear what they have say about their experiences, where they have traveled to and their experiences of teaching internationally.

What they says about Teach and Explore?

“Teach and Explore helped me to find and secure a job in Abu Dhabi. They help you from start to finish, for example with your interview, paper work and any queries you may have. This is a very professional company with great contacts. I would highly recommend Teach and Explore!”
Neasa Murphy
“Teach and Explore is a brilliant agency for any teachers considering a move to the Middle East. Garrett goes above and beyond to ensure that you are well informed and taken care of. I found that any questions I had were answered immediately and I was provided with plenty of information about the school and Abu Dhabi itself . Garrett was extremely helpful and puts you at ease due to his personal experience of teaching in Abu Dhabi. Teach and Explore is very thorough and compared to other agencies is far more personal. It is a great service and I cannot recommend them enough!”
Grace Dillon
“Teach & Explore have been very helpful from start to finish. As both Eoin and Garrett have first hand experience in working in the UAE and have given me some useful tips throughout the process including my interview. They are very approachable and very fast to reply to any queries. I would highly recommended Teach & Explore to anyone thinking about teaching in the UAE.”
Declan Feerick
“Couldn't recommend these guys enough, they have made the move over to Dubai so easy and relaxed for me, always quick to respond , helpful and supportive.”
Fiona Gallagher
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