Frequently Asked Questions

We have broken this down in to categories to make it easier for you, everything we do at Teach & Explore is designed to make the recruitment process as easy and carefree as possible.


Can I apply for jobs if I do not have an undergraduate degree?

Most Teach and Explore programmes require that you have to have completed an undergraduate degree which was gained from an accredited university. We are running some volunteer programs that you may be eligible for. Contact us for more information.

What qualifications do I need to have before applying?

Each position is different. Some jobs have specific requirements like a teaching certificate, other jobs require an undergraduate degree. This will be specified in the job description.

If I want to teach in the Middle East what qualifications do I need? (Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia)

Again this depends on the job specification and the particular school. Most schools do prefer you to have two years’ experience and teaching license.

What if I do not qualify for any of the new positions?

Apply anyway! Teach and Explore are always adding new jobs and if something new comes up we will be able to contact you if we have your application on our system.

I am not a native English speaker is this ok?

Most schools that Teach and Explore deal with prefer to have native speakers, but there are some schools that accept non-native speaking teachers.


When is the best time to apply for teaching positions with Teach and Explore?

Anytime. Teach and Explore accept applications all year round.

Me and my friend want to go travelling together. Can we apply together?

Friends can apply together for upcoming jobs. Some schools will accommodate joint applications but we cannot guarantee that you will be placed together. If you and your friend wish to apply together please do specify this in your application and our advisors will assist you as best as they possibly can.

Who should I send my application letter to?

You can address your cover letter “To Whom It May Concern”.

How does the whole process work once I have sent in an application?

Once you have submitted an application, it will be reviewed by our recruitment specialist. If there is a position open that suits your qualifications and experience, a profile manager will be in contact with you regarding your next steps. Typically Teach and Explore try to respond to applications within 3 – 5 working days.

Can I apply for a job before my TEFL qualification comes through?

Yes of course you can, just specify that you are doing a TEFL course and the date that you believe you will be finished. Teach and Explore is also offering deals on TEFL qualifications.

Can I apply before I graduate from college?

If you are still in university applying for a job, you are able to apply for the position before you have graduated. However please be mindful that in many cases you do need your degree in order to get your visa. When you do apply note on your resume the date that you expect to have your university degree in hand.

Once I have submitted my application, am I guaranteed an interview?

Only selected candidates will be contacted for an interview. For more information on the hiring process, please visit our hiring process page.


What salary can I expect when working abroad?

Salaries can vary from country to country, school to school. It is important to remember that while some countries may have a much higher salary than other countries, the cost of living in that country may be higher also.

How much money can I expect to save?

That depends on you and your spending habits. When researching which country to live in remember to calculate the cost of living in that country. Some people can save between 50% to 75% of their salary.

What benefits will I receive?

This is quite similar to salary as it can vary from school to school. But the average benefits that you will receive are:
  • Round trip air tickets
  • Accommodation
  • Medical Insurance
  • Relocation allowance/ Furniture allowance
  • Family benefits (flights, accommodation, health insurance)
  • Contract completion bonus
  • Paid holidays


Do I have to pay for my own flight?

Airfare is generally included with most packages but it does depend on the school and the position you are applying for. Most schools will provide you with return airfare some schools will provide one way flights and other schools will ask you to pay for your own flight. Generally your school will pay for your flight.

Can I choose which country I will depart from?

You can generally ask which city you depart from, as long as it does not significantly raise the price of the flight i.e. if you live in London or Dublin and want to fly to the Middle East from New York that probably won’t happen!

Will someone meet me at the airport?

Yes. Your school will have a representative there to meet you at your accommodation. It is likely that they will either bring you to a hotel or the accommodation that you will be staying in.


Will I be paid for my vacations?

In most schools and countries you will be paid for your holidays. The amount of holidays and when you get these holidays depends on the school/country you will be living in.

sick leave

What happens if I am sick and cannot go to work?

Each school is different. In general, you will need to let your employer/principal know that you are ill. Then you may be required to get a doctor’s certificate to state why you have been absent.

Do I get paid for sick days?

Again it varies from school to school. Most schools will compensate you for sick days. However these schools will also only allow you a certain amount of sick days each year.

Medical Insurance

Do I need to purchase health insurance before I leave?

It is always wise to get some travel insurance before you leave. Most people when they teach in another country they use their holidays to travel. In this case if you travel outside of the country that you live in the medical insurance given to you by the school does not cover you outside of that country. Have a look at the health insurance deal offered through Teach and Explore.

Do I need a health check before I leave?

You are not required to but in most cases you will go through health screening when you arrive in the country to sort out your visa. It may also be advisable to see if you need to get special immunisation for the country that you will be visiting. To check what immunisations you may need please look at this link to the World Health Organisation.


Is my accommodation paid for?

Most schools provide subsidized housing and those that do not will assist you in finding a suitable place to live. You may or may not be sharing with other teachers. This depends on the school. If it is shared accommodation you will have your own room but you may have to share a kitchen, living room etc.


Do I have to pay taxes?

Each country has different tax laws. In the Middle East for example you generally do not have to pay tax any of these countries. However in other countries, local taxes are deducted from your pay check and then when you conclude your contract a percentage of your taxes will be refunded to you.

Will I have any other deductions or taxes?

You might have to pay a small amount from your pay check to your medical insurance. If this is the case this will depend on the country that you are working and living in. This will be clearly outlined in your contract before you leave.

pre-departure preparations

What do I need to organise before I leave?

Teach and Explore will provide you with an information pack about the country you will be visiting. Teach and Explore will provide you with a checklist that you should have before you leave for your country of choice. So maybe a good thing to organise is a going away party. It is important for you leaving your country to say good bye to people close to you before you set out on your new adventure.

visa procedure

What kind of Visa do I need teaching in another country?

For most countries you will need a visa to work. Teach and Explore go through all of the visa processes with you prior to you leaving.

What does the visa look like?

It varies country to country. Some countries issue a card and others put a stamp in your passport.

How do I apply for a work visa?

If you are successful through the recruitment process Teach and Explore will guide you through the process as it varies country to country.

Who will pay for my work visa?

In most cases the teacher will have to pay for the cost of obtaining a visa. This shows the school that you are committed to working with them.

How long does it take to get a visa?

This again depends on the country you applying to, the time of year, the type of visa you require. Your profile manager will be able to go into more detail with regards to this. In general it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a month.

cost for teachers

How much does it cost for teachers to use Teach and Explore?

Our service is completely FREE for teachers, how amazing are we! ☺

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