Before you Fly

Congratulations on your new job! These are exciting times and to make it easier for you we have some tips for you. We have also partnered with a variety of organisations to ensure that you have access to the necessary resources needed to comfortably take to your new job and home.

If you have come across any tips or services please let us know at and we will add it here!

Before you pack

Before leaving for your new job it is very important to have all your documents in order. It is always advisable to scan these documents and have a digital copy always ready on a memory stick or online saving you time and hassle when they are asked for or needed. Documents such as passports, attested degrees, drivers licences, medical insurance and more can be very helpful to have ready. Also don’t forget to check in online and print your tickets!


Be prepared. Pack early and give your packing some thought. Pack your essential items first, documents, tickets, passport. Make sure you know your baggage limit and book in more suitcases if needs be. If you are coming over with your furniture make sure you check all the different prices for moving companies and our affiliates. There are plenty of places to buy many items here saving you money on relocating, such as T.V’s, bicycles, musical instruments and more.

Make sure to pack your professional out fits and then some casual outfits keeping in mind the weather here is very warm and clothes and department stores are plentiful.

Using your phone abroad is normally easy and hassle free, make sure you know all your connection chargers and contact your provider to see if you will be able to put a foreign sim into your phone.

Useful Advice

Many of our teachers have portable hard drives with various lesson plans and resources on them. We can also provide some resources and before you fly we will send these on. It is a great item to have as teachers constantly share their resources and you can build a great deal of them as well as T.V shows, movies and more.

Before you have entered the country you will need to make sure you have some ex pat travel insurance as you will not have your medical card here until your visa has been processed for peace of mind.

It may be a month until you get paid in your new job so bring money with you to keep yourself from ticking over at least $1500 is advisable.

If you have any medical condition and need some medicine consult your doctor and check with the embassy of the country you are moving to, to see if it is ok to bring them in. Items available over the counter in some countries may be illegal in others.


This may seem a bit obvious but do your research on where you are going and what you are doing. This can be done by asking us questions and we can put you in touch with teachers and people already there. There are other avenues too, like rugby clubs, Gaelic clubs, soccer clubs and more. The ex-pat societies are also very good, with the Irish, English, American societies being just a few operating here which run great events and deals, making it easy to get new friends and tips.

Something we always advise is to register with your Embassy. Embassies can help you in many regards such as renewing documents. They can notify you in case of any life threatening situation in the foreign country and evacuate you if needed. Contact your family in case of emergency. Contact you if there is an emergency at home or inform the authorized person from your registration how to contact you. Expedite the application of renewing or replacing your passport, if your passport is stolen or lost. This last one is very important as many people have misplaced and lost passports in the past!
It will not cost you anything to register and it can provide you and your family with piece of mind.

Below you will find the websites for the embassies of nationals that are currently in place in the UAE.

U.S.A –
Ireland –
South Africa –
Canada –
United Kingdom –
Australia –
New Zealand –

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