7 Reasons to teach in the UAE

1. Tax Free Salary

There is nothing as deflating as looking at your payslip and seeing how much tax you’ve had to pay! Well no such worry in the UAE, it’s definitely the biggest perk to teaching in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

2. Travel and Holidays

Looking at an Instagram account belonging to a teacher working in Dubai or Abu Dhabi is enough to make anyone jealous. Whether its weekend trips in Sri Lanka, India, Kenya or longer trips Thailand, Nepal, Europe the biggest problem you will have is choosing where to go.

3. New Friends

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are amazing places to make new friends, the only problem is it’s usually one of your friends birthdays every weekend!

4. Brunches

For those of you who do not know brunches usually happen Thursday evening or Friday afternoon. You usually pay anywhere from $40 – $120 for 3/4 hours of unlimited drinks and food. Brunches on a Friday are usually followed by day of ordering food online, getting flashbacks of the day before and watching box sets!

5. Weather

The weather in the UAE is unreal for 8 months of the year, luckily teachers are gone for the two hottest months of the year. If your like me ,a pasty Irish guy, be sure to pack your factor 50!

6. Weekends

The weekends in the UAE are amazing between concerts, sportings events, brunches, marathons, birthdays, touristy trips you will never be bored teaching in the UAE. What makes the weekends even better is you have plenty of money to do all of these great things!

7. Money

Tax free salary, free housing and free medical insurance means more money for you to travel, save for a wedding, go for meals, further your education, buy a nice car, save for an engagement ring, go for cocktails, play on world class golf courses, save for a mortgage, buy handbags in Karama, go to the horse racing and even have enough money to pay for a gym membership that you probably won’t use!